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"Philippa”, a 1936 Charles Cooper “six tonner” was launched July 25, 2013 after restoration work completed at Rutherford’s Boat Shop. All hardware and wood finishes were stripped from the boat after which the deck and cabin roof canvas, cabin trim and deck hardware was replaced. Among the components newly fabricated were the bowsprit, fore hatch, cockpit, drop-boards, fuel tank, shaft log, and rudder. The interior was stripped and re-finished bright and an all new mahogany interior installed along with new electrical and mechanical systems. The principal shipwrights were Jeremiah Goodwin, Jody Watt, and Keith Mitchell. “Philippa” was originally commissioned by Royal Naval Officer, Simon Borret of Chislehurst, Kent, but spent many years in Victoria, British Columbia. The boat’s history prior to 1975, when she was freighted to Canada, is unknown.

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Ex Woodrow, Makoto is a Stephens Bros. 34’ Trunk Cabin Cruiser built in 1929. She came to us to have a new shaft log and horn timber installed. We also put in a new, lighter, smaller engine, a new cabin sole for the aft deck and pilot station, new floor timbers and replanked the teak transom. The owners Susan and Scott Andrews did a lot of painting as well as refastening and rebuilding the aft portion of the hard top.

The Northern California Fleet of the Classic Yacht Association wrote about Makoto's restoration in their Spring 2012 newsletter.
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Fantail Launch
Light and agile yet strong and powerful motor launch built new at Rutherford’s Boatshop with the specific purpose of functioning as a shore boat for Coronet, a 133’ sailing yacht being restored by Rutherford’s Boatshop. This launch was built light to be carried aboard Coronet and also tow her and help her maneuver within harbors, as the 1885 yacht has no engine.
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(ex-Acclaim, ex-Lutine), a 55’ Camper Nicholson Hull #1. Lutinewas built in 1970 for Lloyd’s Register Yacht Club as their club boat; she was later sold into the charter business, changing her name to Acclaim and then to Eager when she was purchased by a private owner. Eager has a fiberglass hull and traditional wood deck. She was shipped to us from England for rebuilding; we stripped it down to a bare hull, and we are building an entire new interior, new deck, and new rig. When completedEager will be shipped to the East Coast and will sail across the Atlantic back home to Cowes, on the Isle of Wight, England.
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1911 P-Class Nathaniel Herreshoff classic racing yacht. At 58’ on deck, she is the longest P-Class built. She was found buried in overgrowth poison ivy behind a barn in Cape Cod, Massachusetts after 20 years of neglect and abandonment. She had no ballast keel or hardware at the time, all of which had to be custom fabricated during the reconstruction. Since, she has successfully competed in the classic boat regattas in New England and the Mediterranean.

Joyant has been featured in several publications including: Wooden Boat Magazine, Nov. 2002, #169, Classic Boat Magazine, July 2002 and Sailing Magazine, Nov. 2002. Read an article in Latitude 38
here (PDF).
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138’ steam powered yacht. She is one of three remaining Victorian era steam yachts in the world. Every piece of her interior, deck joinery, funnels, scroll work, skylights, interior joinery, plumbing fixtures, hardware and all seven of her original steam engines have been removed, rebuilt, and reinstalled.

Cangarda is being classed by the
American Bureau of Shipping and her steam plant inspected and certified by the U.S. Coast Guard. She spends part of her time anchored at the Mystic Seaport Museum.

The Restoration of Cangarda (PDF), and a A Return to the Edwardian Era-Completing Cangarda Initiating Coronet (PDF).

View more photos of Cangarda:
TriCoastal Marine and flickr.

View her dramatic launching

View the trail of the upcoming documentary:
'Cangarda, The Last American Steam Yacht'.
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Carbon Fiber Wing Mast
Designed for a catamaran by Jim Antrim, built of stripped plank red cedar core and carbon fiber.
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16’ outboard powered, varnished mahogany runabout. She had been sitting in a garage for over 15 years before the granddaughter of the original owner commissioned us to completely restore her. All the original hardware was re-chromed and the original engine rebuilt.
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44’ Army Utility Launch; we converted it to a luxury motor yacht. The interior was completely gutted, the hull rebuilt and an entirely new house and interior put in.
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45’ British Plank-on Edge design. We re-rigged it to its original gaff cutter design and completed the cockpit and house. She was shipped to England where the owner lives.
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53’ Schock Cutter. We gutted and totally rebuilt the yacht. She won first place overall and in her class during her first entry after the reconstruction at the Master Mariner’s Regatta and has since participated annually in this regatta. She sails regularly in the San Francisco Bay. Read articles in Latitude 38 from November '86 and March '87.
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Buenos Aires
Buzzard’s Bay 14 designed by L. Francis Herreshoff. Built new. She was launched ready to sail in Richmond, California for family use on January 1, 2000 as a celebration of the turn of the millennium. Despite their small size, we built hollow spars; we chose to use locally grown laurel for her sawn timbers. See article in Latitude 38 (PDF).
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52’ Sparkman & Stephens Yawl built in 1949. We built a new rudder and did some structural repairs including refastening and we also refaired the hull for new paint. Bounty competed in the Pacific Cup Race from San Francisco to Hawaii twice and she sails regularly in the San Francisco Bay.
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50’ schooner. We rebuilt the cockpit and the house, built and installed all new spars and rig, and made structural repairs to the hull. She took 1st place in the 1987 Master Mariner’s Regatta with the Rutherford’s Boatshop crew aboard and won subsequent races and has continued to compete well over the years.
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Seven Bells
43’ Stephens motor yacht. The hull uses white oak frames with Port Orford cedar carvel planks. She has bronze fastenings, a teak deck and trim (bright work), plumb bow, and a flat transom. Between 1998 and 2000, Seven Bells underwent a complete restoration, including structural hull work, new or reconditioned decks, new plumbing, electrical and electronics systems, refinishing of exterior and interior teak, new cabinetry, upholstery, soles and overheads, hard dodger added over aft cockpit, and engine refitting. In 2000, Seven Bells was awarded the prize for Best Restored Power vessel at the Classic Boat Festival in Victoria, British Columbia. In 2001, she was selected for the People's Choice Award at the Bell Street Rendezvous on the Seattle waterfront and was runner-up for the People's Choice Award at the LaConnor Vintage and Classic Boat Show. She currently sails in Puget Sound.
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Four-Oared Lifeboat
Built new, she was copied from the original for the San Francisco Maritime Museum. She is displayed aboard the Balclutha, an 1886, steel hull, full rigged ship. We have also restored many other small craft for the museum as well as traditional rowing crafts for the South End Rowing Club of San Francisco.
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Felicity (ex-Speedwell)
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45’ Lester Stone design, built in 1896. We completely rebuilt her from the keel to the mast in 1982. She competed and won its class in many Master Mariner’s Regattas in the San Francisco Bay.
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30’ classic tugboat. Originally built for PG&E in the 1920's to attend to electrical lines under the San Francisco Bay and near the waters edge. We finished the restoration that had been started by Alan Cameron including all the rigging, towing bitts and fendering and put the boat in working condition both for commercial jobs and for pleasure. The tugboat was used regularly in the San Francisco Bay and the Sacramento River Delta and later in Long Beach, CA where it was used successfully for commercial towing.
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Whitehall Rowing Boat
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We stiffened the bottom, built watertight flotation tanks, made new gunwales with decorative inlays, and repainted her.
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72’ Philip Rhodes designed steel motorsailer. After chartering in the Caribbean for many years it came to us for a complete refit, including new deck, interior, some hull plating and painting.
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Beetle Cat Sailboat (no additional photos)
This boat came to us dried and broken. She had been out of the water for many years. We completely rebuilt and re-rigged her.

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