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Coronet is a 133’ LOD schooner yacht recognized as America’s most historic yacht. Designed and built in 1885 to the pinnacle of elegance of the Victorian era, it has a spared length of over 190’ and weighs over 230 tons. In 2008 we started the complete reconstruction of this vessel in order to re-create its voyage around Cape Horn and around the world.
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Ex Joan II, Viveka was designed by Frank C. Paine of Paine, Belknap & Skene and built by Fred Lawley in Quincy, Massachusetts, in 1929 and 1930. She was designed for J.P. Morgan who wanted a fast cruiser, putting special emphasis on speed. For this reason Frank Paine designed her to rate at the top class G, a 38 rating, and at the same time under the universal rules in the 12-meter class. Viveka can thus be considered one of the very few schooners that rated in the 12-meter class.

Viveka has sailed 1.5 times around the world with Merl Petersen at the helm. She was purchased from Merl by an owner who wants everything to be done to perfection so she was brought to Rutherford’s boat shop for a complete restoration.

The boat was double planked of cedar and mahogany on oak frames. She was designed with a deck length of 72’9”, Water line of 48’, a beam of 14’ and a draft of 9’1”

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"Philippa”, a 1936 Charles Cooper “six tonner” was launched July 25, 2013 after restoration work completed at Rutherford’s Boat Shop. All hardware and wood finishes were stripped from the boat after which the deck and cabin roof canvas, cabin trim and deck hardware was replaced. Among the components newly fabricated were the bowsprit, fore hatch, cockpit, drop-boards, fuel tank, shaft log, and rudder. The interior was stripped and re-finished bright and an all new mahogany interior installed along with new electrical and mechanical systems. The principal shipwrights were Jeremiah Goodwin, Jody Watt, and Keith Mitchell. “Philippa” was originally commissioned by Royal Naval Officer, Simon Borret of Chislehurst, Kent, but spent many years in Victoria, British Columbia. The boat’s history prior to 1975, when she was freighted to Canada, is unknown.

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Fantail Launch
Light and agile yet strong and powerful motor launch built new at Rutherford’s Boatshop with the specific purpose of functioning as a shore boat for Coronet, a 133’ sailing yacht being restored by Rutherford’s Boatshop. This launch was built light to be carried aboard Coronet and also tow her and help her maneuver within harbors, as the 1885 yacht has no engine.

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